From right to left : John, Myself, Production Manager Robert Brown, Associate Producer Larry Franco. The Juneau Ice Field. Location Scout April, 1981

Saturday, April 7, 2012


                  ... who in the early drafts of the script was named Sanchez. It is in memory ( which can be unreliable ) that Bill Lancaster was intially indicating his thought that the role be cast Hispanic, but that John didn't want to be necessarily bound by the idea and wanted to be able to cast the role as he saw fit. The name was then changed to Sanders...

                The name Windows came out of the initial costume fitting with Thomas Waites. After wandering up to the massive wardrobe department at Universal, John had Tom try on the pair of dark glasses above, and Voila! a moniker was born. John considered it a tribute to Howard Hawks, who always had characters with nicknames in his movies ( I'm surprised we didn't change Copper's name to Stumpy...) 

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  1. Later on they even changed the name from Sanchez to Simmons